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From the coast the goods were carried by land to the Nile, and then down the river to Alexandria which was a great emporium in those days.

There was a mercantile colony of Indians in an island off the African coast in the first century A. The adventurous spirit of the Indians carried them even as far as the North Sea, while their caravans traveled from one end of Asia to the other.

Indian cultural contact with Southeast Asia covers a period of Goddess Tara: Rescued sailors who were at risk of Shipwreck. When she was calm, she was green or white in color, when angry, she could be blue, red or yellow.

Everything indicates that there was a large volume of sea-trade between India and the western countries as far as African coast.

But whatever they settled they introduced their culture and civilization.

In turn, they were influenced by the indigenous culture, laying thus the foundation of a new culture in the region.

C., there was a regular trade relation, both by land and sea, between India on the one hand and Mesopotamia, Arabia, Phoenica, and Egypt on the other. The Chinese literary texts refer to maritime and trade activity between India and China as far back as the seventh century B. Recent excavations in Philippines, Malay Peninsula, and Indonesia confirm of early and extensive trade which continued down to the historical period.

Shortly, after, there grew up a regular traffic between India and China, both by land and sea.

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