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Mark was the first of two children born to Tad and Priscilla. Poe, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, was born 2 years after Mark.When Mark was a child and young man, the Danielewski family moved around continuously for Tad's various film projects. Over the course of three sleepless nights and three sleepless days I wrote a 100 page piece entitled Redwood. I barely had the change to buy sodas and snacks along the way and there I am scratching out words with this absurdly expensive thing of polished resin and gold.While Danielewski was touring for House of Leaves and working on T50YS, he came up with the concept for his second novel, Only Revolutions.He'd initially wanted to write something along the lines of a House of Leaves, Part 2, with the house being set in China or elsewhere.The first of these performances was October 31, 2010 at the Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater (REDCAT) in downtown Los Angeles.

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Little is actually known about the inspiration for the story, or the exact time period during which it was written.

They show up in a myriad of ways throughout his works and happen to be a main topic in his most recent book series The Familiar. 'That one with all the footnotes, they argued — no, not that one, the other one: Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves.'" House of Leaves has since been translated into numerous languages, including Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Serbian, and Spanish.

It continues to be taught in universities in the United States and abroad.

The stylistic and conceptual differences between House of Leaves and Only Revolutions have not inhibited the success of the latter novel; Only Revolutions was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Award and has been translated into French, Dutch, and German.

Like House of Leaves, Only Revolutions has quite a cult following and has been taught in universities.

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