Who is john forte dating

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"A DNA test would only take a couple of minutes," he says.

"But I have never dared suggest it - except once to Carol Thatcher.

But Huston, who had just remarried, desperately wanted a child, and so brought Allegra up until she was nine."From one point of view it was a relief," admits JJ. I was in such turmoil that I didn't know what I thought or felt.

There was never any secret that Allegra was my daughter.

I like infecting other people with my own enthusiasm, but I am not interested in pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. I really am."Lady Diana denied him a literary scoop by revealing in her own autobiography that although she was brought up as a daughter of the Duke of Rutland, she was actually fathered by the Hon Harry Cust, from the neighbouring estate in Lincolnshire.He joyfully claims that his autobiography, Trying to Please, was rejected by every publisher in London because it didn't contain enough pain, drugs, sex or abuse."I've just had it too bloody easy all my life." Though he is a prolific popular historian, lecturer and broadcaster, originality is not his forte.The 2nd Viscount Norwich must be the only commuter on the Underground who came close enough to all three to form an opinion.The reason for the improbable encounters was his parents: Duff Cooper, the philandering diplomat, and the beautiful socialite Lady Diana.

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